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January 27, 2012

Mounts for Vertical Vents

We must get a few questions weekly asking about mounts that will fit on vertical vents.  Most cars have vent slots that go across versus up and down and 99% of all vent mounts are made primarily for horizontal vents.

Finally, a solution is available for vertical vents from a company called Tetrax.  Based in Italy, they have developed a mount that combines a very small vice with a magnetic attachment for your smartphone, GPS or anything that weighs less than 300 grams (10.5 ounces).

So Tetrax has two kinds of mounts.  Some attach to your dash, others attach to the vent.  Since this post is titled “Mounts for Vertical Vents”, we’re going to take a bit more about the vent mounts.  These mounts are attached to your vent using a small vice with rubber grips.  They tighten and loosen using a small dial built into the mount.  Extremely easy to attach and detach.  We have found that the profile is so small that they aren’t even noticed when you remove your device, so we leave ours in the car after we remove our device.  But the neat part is that if you travel, it’s very easy to take with you.  Just don’t leave it in the rental!

The Tetrax XWAY and GEO lines are the vent mounts.  The XWAY is a heavier duty mount and recommended for GPS units and SmartPhones.  The GEO is best for SmartPhones and devices weighing 150 grams (5.25 ounces) or less.  The GEO works great with our iPhone 4 in a Tetrax XCASE.  We offer some picture below.

Tetrax Geo - See the Vice?

Tetrax Geo – See the Vice?

Tetrax XWAY with a TomTom

Tetrax XWAY with a TomTom

Tetrax XWAY

Tetrax XWAY

Tetrax Geo with an iPhone in an XCASE

Tetrax Geo with an iPhone in a case

Tetrax Geo

Tetrax Geo

June 14, 2011

My Suction Cup Doesn’t Stick Anymore! Help!

Yes, we sell mounts for a living.  However, sometimes, you don’t need to buy a new mount.  Following our simple tips might save you a little bit of money.

  1. The most common problem we find is a dirty windshield.  This is probably the number one tip.  Clean your windshield thoroughly with Windex or any good cleaner that contains alcohol (no not beer, that is not a cleaner).  While you’re at it, also clean the bottom of the suction cup.
  2. Apply a little water to the bottom of the suction cup.  We find, on some mounts that helps the adhesion enormously.
  3. Make sure you are pressing the suction lever in the right direction.  Usually the direction is down, but we see a few deviants that require it to be pushed up.  Most suction mounts have a vacuum base and it is operating by a lever.

That’s it.

If you have tried all of this and it’s still not working, we’re here for you.

A Naked Garmin Nuvi Mount in Need of a GPS

A Naked Garmin Nuvi Mount in Need of a GPS

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