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January 23, 2013

The RAM Roto-View Adapter Plate Makes Swiveling Simple

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Ever try to swivel your device into a different orientation while driving?  Not easy and can be dangerous.  Adding the RAM Roto-View to your existing RAM Mount configuration has solved this problem.

The RAM-HOL-ROTO1U goes between your device and the round or diamond ball.  The Roto-View utilizes multiple detents to adjust the tablet to the most popular viewing angles, including landscape and portrait mode. No need to loosen the knob of your double socket arm to reposition your tablet.  Instead simply rotate your device into the desired orientation.  These work great with tablets and phones, but can be used with any standard RAM Mount that has the RAM-B-238U, RAM-B202U adapter.  The RAM-HOL-ROTO1U comes with a set of longer replacement screws as well as the new adapter plate.

Details of how the RAM Roto-View attaches to your current RAM Mount.

Details of how the RAM Roto-View attaches to your current RAM Mount.

March 10, 2012

RAM Remove-A-Pole Quick Disconnect Laptop Car Mount Base

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RAM makes great laptop mounts.  The problem though, is they are big.  So big that you need to choose between having a laptop mount or having a front seat passenger.  That was until the Remove-A-Pole came along.

The Remove-A-Pole, RAM part RAM-VB-REM1 is made to go between the floor or seat attachment and the telescoping pole of the laptop mount.  When ready to remove the laptop mount, it’s a simple matter of removing the pin at the base and pulling your laptop mount upwards.  Easy.  Now pick your favorite passenger and let him/her ride shotgun.

RAM Remove-A-Pole

RAM Remove-A-Pole

November 22, 2009

Motorcycles and Drinking Do Mix!

Well I suppose it depends what you’re drinking.  If it’s a soft drink or coffee, we have the answer.  A mount for your drink on your motorcycle.  These mounts have a self leveling feature built in.  They fit a variety of configurations too.  They can also be configured for holding other just as useful stuff like GPS units, iPhones, IPODs or satellite radio.  Leave it to RAM to think of these.  Seems like they have a mounting system for almost anything!

October 6, 2009

RAM Mounts for the Common Man (or Woman)

RAM makes killer mounts.  Excellent quality with hundreds of customizable options (they have custom cradles for many GPS and cell phonemodels).  But their selection can sometimes be confusing.  We wrote this post to help explain how their numbering (and lettering) system works.  Some of  of this information can be found on their web site if you know where to find it.  But as a large reseller of their mounts, we thought it would be helpful to provide a brief explanation.

RAM’s system is a simple ball and socket design.  You need to make sure the ball size matches the socket.  The majority of RAM mounts sold for GPS, satellite radio, HAM radio are one-inch balls (RAM-B or RAP-B).  Most use the the metal (the M in RAM-B) but to save a few dollars, some will opt for the plastic (the P in RAP-B).

Arms typically come in several sizes too.  Again most common is the one inch ball, and there are three arm sizes (1.75, 3 and 6 inch sizes).  Most of our mount listings have an option to choose an arm size.

Here is RAM’s high level numbering system and arm sizes in detail:

A size ball = .56″ diameter (seldom used)

B size ball = 1″ diameter (by far the most common)

C size ball = 1.5″ diameter (used for heavier items like marine electronics)

D size ball = 2.25″ diameter (very seldom used)

E size ball = 3.38″ diameter (very rarely used)

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