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November 7, 2010

Otterbox and Mounts in Harmony

Otterbox.  Best case you can buy.  I have dropped my iPhone on a cement floor with an Otterbox and not a scratch.  They are not cheap, but well worth the added expense in avoiding damage to your new $400 device.  Otterbox has been in business for a long time making custom cases for expensive devices.  The recommended model uses a plastic case covered with a rubber skin.  It comes with a screen protector and don’t worry, your iPhone or Droid will work with the screen protector.

Now the problem with Otterbox is that normal custom mounts will not work with the larger case surrounding your device.  A spring loaded cradle can be used to tightly (and we mean tightly) grasp your iPhone or Droid and keep it in place while riding.  As we all know, GPS capabilities are excellent on smartphones and somehow makes us feel so much better about plunking all that money down for that new expensive phone!

2-in-1 Mount for you and your passenger's Otterbox

2-in-1 Mount for you and your passenger’s Otterbox

Arkon's Cup Holder Mount with an iPhone and Otterbox

Arkon’s Cup Holder Mount with an iPhone and Otterbox

Arkon's Handlebar Mount with an Otterbox

Arkon’s Handlebar Mount with an Otterbox

RAM Motorcycle Mount with an iPhone and Otterbox

RAM Motorcycle Mount with an iPhone and Otterbox

September 17, 2010

Using a Garmin Nuvi Mount with an iPhone, Droid or Any Cell Phone

Our readers and customers always give us great ideas for new products.  We were recently asked how to use a car mount used for a GPS in the car.  Why would you want to do this?  A few good reasons.  As we all know, smartphones including the Droid and iPhone have excellent GPS capabilities and can replace traditional GPS units.  You might have an old Garmin mount stuck to your dash and would prefer not to take it off or add another.  In some cases, Garmin made some nice mounts, and you may want to leverage it.

In any case, we figured it out and offer a few excellent options for using your Garmin mount for your new device.  Both solutions include a custom fitting to connect the cradle with the 17mm Nuvi ball mount.

June 20, 2010

iPhone 4s and 4 Car and Motorcycle Mount Options

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We figured it was a good time for a new blog posting on the iPhone 4s and 4.  When it comes to the iPhone 4, Apple describes it best so check this link out for technical specs.  When it comes to mounting options, there are a lots.  Most people will be using the iPhone 4 with a skin or case (Otterbox makes great cases).  There are excellent mounts available for iPhones with or without a skin.  There are excellent options to mount the iPhone 4 almost anyplace you want.

First we start with a motorcycle.  There are two types of options.  The first involves an expandable cradle, and they fit the iPhone 4 with or with a case / skin.  The second is a waterproof type.  We find that a lot of people might ride in the rain once in a while, and these are great to keep your device dry and secure.  There are also a lot of custom cradle mounts available.  To use these, your iPhone must be without any case or skin.

Within your car, the mounting options are endless.  We find that a lot of people buy car mounts for two reasons.  First, nobody likes their iPhone floating around on their passenger seat.  Second, you can use the iPhone 4 or 4s as a very capable GPS.  We find the cup holder and vent mounts make excellent choices.  We like the vent mount best for GPS users.

There are also a lot of specialty iPhone 4 or 4s mounts.  These specialty uses include wheelchairs, desks, tripods and microphone stands.

Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for Apple iPhone with a Case or Skin

Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for Apple iPhone with a Case or Skin

Weatherproof Handlebar Mount for Apple iPhone

Weatherproof Handlebar Mount for Apple iPhone

RAM Motorcycle Custom Mount for Apple iPhone 4s

RAM Motorcycle Custom Mount for Apple iPhone 4s

Tripod Top for an Apple iPhone

Tripod Top for an Apple iPhone

Car Suction Cup iPhone Mount

Car Suction Cup iPhone Mount

No Glue Sticky Dash or Desk iPhone Mount

No Glue Sticky Dash or Desk iPhone Mount

September 8, 2009

My Apple iPhone Keeps Falling Off My Lap

Seems like everyone lucky enough to be within an ATT calling area has or wants an iPhone.  The iPhone might be the single most influential device to hit the mobile market ever.  It has completely changed the way people work and live.  But wait, Houston, we have a problem!

The problem is when in your car or on a motorcycle, where can you put it?  Sure, you can balance it on your lap, hope that it doesn’t slide off (let alone crashing your car while looking down at your thigh).  But that’s neither safe nor effective.  Not to worry, we’re the Mount Guys!

The iPhone comes in three models:  Classic, 3G and 3G S.  The 3G and 3G S are the same exact size, where the older Classic is a little larger.  Solutions are available for all three models.  Car solutions include the vent, windshield, floor, visor, dash, cup holder and the lighter.  Motorcycle locations are the handlebar, clutch,  and mirror.

Now that golf GPS apps are available in the App Store, there are even Golf Cart Mounts for the iPhone.

The most popular car mount for the iPhone is the vent mount.  Inexpensive, somewhat hidden form bad guys, and near eye level, it makes a great location for your device in GPS mode.  The second most popular is the floor / seat bolt.  This is great for using your iPhone for music as it places it close to where your radio is located.  There are lots of other options, our favorite is the dash.

The motorcycle options are just as plentiful.  By far the most popular is the mount for the handlebar.  We sell two different types.  First is an economy model constructed of heavy plastic.  It’s a great mount and quite sturdy, not to mention a great value.  The second type is made by a company called RAM Mounts and is constructed of marine grade aluminum.  We think RAM Mounts are the highest quality sold.  RAM has mounts to go almost anywhere on your motorcycle.

Lastly, it seemed a bit strange when we first saw it, but thigh mounts make a lot of sense on airplane and even driving.  Your arm gets pretty tired when holding the iPhone (or iPod) for a 2-hour movie.  Take a look at the ThiPhone.

September 1, 2009

Where do I put my SkyCaddie?

Playing that par-5 18th hole.  Second shot is 200 yards away over a slope.  Can’t see the flag on the large green.  What now?  Take out your trusty Golf GPS and scope out the distance to the green and exact location of the cup.

The major brands of Golf GPS units include SkyGolf with their SkyCaddie line, Garmin with the Golflogix, iGolf, Bushnell, and Golf Buddy.  The most popular are Skycaddie and Golflogix.  Each has multiple models.  If looking at Skycaddie, they have the SG1, SG2, SG2.5, SG3, SG4 and SG5.  The newest is the SG5 but the older models are great values and can be purchased on ebay for less than $200.

These units have come a long way since the initial black and white models.  The new SkyCaddie SG5 is color, maps out 40 targets per hole, shows the aerial view of each hole.  Heck it even keeps score for you.

A constant complaint of golfers is the belt mount.  It’s tough enough to hit a golf ball.  Having a GPS tethered to your waist makes it even more difficult.  So in we come with a complete mount selection for your Golf GPS.

Most units have a rear button on the back and we use that as the mounting point on most of our holders.  For GPS units without the button, we offer cradle mounts.

Our most popular is the cup holder mount.  Today’s electric carts all have at least two cup holders.  Why not use one for your GPS?

Playing nine-holes on the executive course with a walking cart?  No cup holder in your golf cart?  No problem.  We have walking cart mounts as well.

Lastly we don’t want to forget to tell about the new iPhone application from GolfLogix.  They have come out with an app that works just like one of these $400 GPS units.  The cost?  $40.  Although we haven’t tried it yet, reports are that it hit the top 10 in the iPhone store in less than a week!

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