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September 8, 2009

My Apple iPhone Keeps Falling Off My Lap

Seems like everyone lucky enough to be within an ATT calling area has or wants an iPhone.  The iPhone might be the single most influential device to hit the mobile market ever.  It has completely changed the way people work and live.  But wait, Houston, we have a problem!

The problem is when in your car or on a motorcycle, where can you put it?  Sure, you can balance it on your lap, hope that it doesn’t slide off (let alone crashing your car while looking down at your thigh).  But that’s neither safe nor effective.  Not to worry, we’re the Mount Guys!

The iPhone comes in three models:  Classic, 3G and 3G S.  The 3G and 3G S are the same exact size, where the older Classic is a little larger.  Solutions are available for all three models.  Car solutions include the vent, windshield, floor, visor, dash, cup holder and the lighter.  Motorcycle locations are the handlebar, clutch,  and mirror.

Now that golf GPS apps are available in the App Store, there are even Golf Cart Mounts for the iPhone.

The most popular car mount for the iPhone is the vent mount.  Inexpensive, somewhat hidden form bad guys, and near eye level, it makes a great location for your device in GPS mode.  The second most popular is the floor / seat bolt.  This is great for using your iPhone for music as it places it close to where your radio is located.  There are lots of other options, our favorite is the dash.

The motorcycle options are just as plentiful.  By far the most popular is the mount for the handlebar.  We sell two different types.  First is an economy model constructed of heavy plastic.  It’s a great mount and quite sturdy, not to mention a great value.  The second type is made by a company called RAM Mounts and is constructed of marine grade aluminum.  We think RAM Mounts are the highest quality sold.  RAM has mounts to go almost anywhere on your motorcycle.

Lastly, it seemed a bit strange when we first saw it, but thigh mounts make a lot of sense on airplane and even driving.  Your arm gets pretty tired when holding the iPhone (or iPod) for a 2-hour movie.  Take a look at the ThiPhone.

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