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November 24, 2010

Using your Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple iPad on an Airplane

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Sitting in cattle class?  Don’t like the movie they are showing (or don’t want to shell out $5 for the movie)?  Use your iPad or Tab!

Great idea.  The problem is after 15 minutes of holding the device your arm gets tired.  A stand would be nice.

Every time we think we have seen it all for the iPad and Tab, another new concept comes out.  We started our line with three different mounts.  Now we have over twenty.  This one is quite innovative in that it folds up to the size of a skinny stapler and then unfolds to hold your device.  This makes it very easy to carry and off the plane.

Try one.  They will make that long flight seem much shorter.

These will also work for the Blackberry Play Book.

This guy looks thoroughly entertained

This guy looks thoroughly entertained

Another view of the desktop stand

Another view of the desktop stand

September 15, 2010

Using your iPad on the Golf Course

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There are so many different uses for the Apple iPad.  We recently started to receive inquiries for using the iPad on the golf course.  Makes sense.  There are some great apps like GolfLogix Golf GPS, Golfshot and OhMyGolf that all enhance your game.  These also run on your iPhone, but on the iPad, you can actually see it!

So, the next question is how do I attach it to my golf cart.  The two options we like the best are the golf cart bar mount and the cup holder mount.  The bar mount simply attaches to any round bar.  It includes a custom cradle for your iPad and can be used in landscape and portrait mode.  The cup holder mount sits within your cup holder and also includes a custom cradle.  Both are for using your iPad without a case or skin (it’s a custom cradle molded to the exact size of your iPad).

September 13, 2010

Yet More Options for iPad Car and Motorcycle Mounts

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Busy in our labs developing yet more great places to mount your iPad.  Today we present some brand new options that you should find useful.

First up, for the car. The iPad is a great tool for, well, keeping the kids quiet.  You need a good place to mount it to allow viewing from a child seat or belted in.  Take a look at the two options below:

We recently started to get some questions as to how to mount an iPad on a motorcycle.  The iPad has excellent GPS capabilities.  I remember the old Garmin Streetpilot 7500 for over $1000 with a screen size of a small TV.  Now the iPad is here with a bigger screensize and less than half the price.  Gotta love progress.  For those looking to mount an iPad on your handlebar, here you go!

April 25, 2010

Apple iPad Car Mounts

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Why would you want to use your Apple iPad in the car?  There are a lot of reasons.  Best one is that it makes a great GPS.  Many of the GPS apps from your iPhone will also work on the iPad.  We like the MotionX GPS Drive app.  Low cost and full features.  When used on your iPad, you have one of the largest and crisp GPS displays made!

We also like it for back seat passengers.  Movies are great on the iPad.  Coupled with the Netflix streaming feature, watch movies or TV shows.  You can also read the paper, do a book, and soon, live TV.

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