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November 12, 2011

Tetrax Mounts: A Little Magnet Goes a Long Way

Tetrax introduces a new concept in car mounts.  Pairing strong small magnets with corresponding adhesive chips, these mounts provide a strong grasp of your device and the magnets are completely shielded by the metal chips.  We were impressed with the holding capability of the XWAY mount as it held our TomTom XXL in place with no problem.  The mounting kits include the mount and adhesive chip for the back of your device.  We like the simple approach to attaching the device then removing it.  Much less effort than practically anything else on the market.  Manufactured in Italy, these are nice quality mounts.

There are a few different lines from Tetrax:

  • XWAY – for heavier items such as GPS devices up 300 grams (10.5 ounces).  This would include most units that have a 3.5, 4.3 and 5 inch screen size.  These also make excellent smartphone mounts.  This fits on your car air vent
  • FIXWAY – also for heavier devices up to 300 grams.  These use 3M adhesive disks for your car dash.
  • FIX – a lighter weight version for devices up to 150 grams (5.25 ounces).  These are for smartphones, iPhones, iPod, Nano, etc.  This is the dash version.
  • EGO – also for lighter devices.  This is the vent version of the FIX.
  • XCASE – a nice idea.  Incorporates the metal chip into a custom case.  These are available for the iPhone only.

August 30, 2009

The Sun and the GPS Live Happily Together with Anti Glare Shields

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We receive a lot of questions about glare on GPS units.  Especially when used on the windshield or motorcycle.  While we aren’t aware of any GPS units that use an anti glare surface, we wonder why they don’t.  For some reason it seems like the glare on TomTom GPS units are the worst.  At least, that’s what our sales tell us as we sell more glare shields for that brand than any other.  Garmin also has a similar issue.  Magellan GPS units seems to be the best at preventing glare.  Not sure if that’s by design.

There are two different types of GPS anti glare shields.  One clips on the unit.  It surrounds the display (not the entire GPS, just the display).  The second uses velcro to attach to your GPS and a fabric hood surrounds the entire GPS.

Which one do we recommend?  Well that’s up to you.  The clip-on is a cleaner look, and when removed, there’s no velcro left on your GPS.  However, the fabric type gives better coverage as it surrounds the GPS including the sides and gives superior glare control.  We seem to sell more of the first type (if that helps).

These are available for most GPS units.  95% of all GPS units sold are either 4.3 or 5.0 inch screens and there are anti glare shields for both.  There are anti glare shields for Fishfinders as well.

Glare Stomper for marine units

Glare Stomper for marine units

Clipboard style for 5" GPS Units

Clipboard style for 5″ GPS Units

The Glare Stomper works well on motorcycles and cars

The Glare Stomper works well on motorcycles and cars

Clip-on Glare Shield

Clip-on Glare Shield

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