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October 4, 2010

Jogging and Biking with your Droid iPhone or Any Smartphone

Smartphones are rapidly taking the place of your favorite MP3 player.  They also are introducing many exercise apps.  It’s difficult running while holding your Droid or iPhone.  What to do?

Well if jogging, the best place to attach your Droid, iPhone or any smartphone is probably your arm.  As long as the fitting is snug around the device and your arm, you will be in excellent shape.

Like to bike?  Whether stationary or moving, there are several excellent options for your handlebar.  These fit handlebars on both motorcycles and bicycles.  They also fit stationary bikes.  Anything with a round bar to attach to up to an inch in diameter.

September 28, 2010

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for iPhones Droids and Smartphones using an Otterbox

We love the Otterbox.  Best cases made.  They are available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and many Smartphones.  These cases deliver the best protection for your device but at the expense of bulk.  They will definitely add weight and size to your device.  it will feel bulky at first but you will quickly get used to it.  One additional benefit is the phone will no longer just slide out of your pocket on its own.  That is because the Otterbox has an exterior made of non slip rubber.  And don’t forget the greatest benefit of all.  Your phone will not break if you drop it.

As we mentioned, the Otterbox provides superior protection as the expense of size.  Most car and motorcycle mounts are custom made to contour to the size of your unprotected bare device.  So what to do if you want to use it in your car or motorcycle?  You will need an expandable cradle.  We like the cradles that expand at the sides at the push of a button.  These cradles paired with suction, vent, lighter and cup holder mounts will grip your device firmly and place it at an excellent location for using your phone as a GPS or MP3 player.

September 17, 2010

Using a Garmin Nuvi Mount with an iPhone, Droid or Any Cell Phone

Our readers and customers always give us great ideas for new products.  We were recently asked how to use a car mount used for a GPS in the car.  Why would you want to do this?  A few good reasons.  As we all know, smartphones including the Droid and iPhone have excellent GPS capabilities and can replace traditional GPS units.  You might have an old Garmin mount stuck to your dash and would prefer not to take it off or add another.  In some cases, Garmin made some nice mounts, and you may want to leverage it.

In any case, we figured it out and offer a few excellent options for using your Garmin mount for your new device.  Both solutions include a custom fitting to connect the cradle with the 17mm Nuvi ball mount.

August 8, 2010

Motorola Droid and Other SmartPhone Charger Mounts

It’s a mount, no it’s a charger.  Actually it’s both.  Car lighters seem to be a logical place to double up as a mounting point.  Integrating a micro-USB cable into a mount isn’t as easy as you might think.  Don’t worry though, we figured it out!  These mounts make an excellent resting place and in some cars, it’s at an excellent viewing angle.  You will need roughly 5 inches of clearance from the lighter to the end of the cradle to use these.  The integrated mico-USB will charge your phone while mounted.  Another genius mount from the mount labs!

These work extremely well for the Motorola Droid, Droid X, Cliq.  Also for the HTC Droid Incredible, EVO, Aria.  The Samsung Galaxy S, Epic 4G, Fascinate, Vibrant, Captivate and Intercept will also work well with these mounts.

May 31, 2010

Motorola and HTC Droid Car & Motorcycle Mount Options

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The Droid is here to stay.  And it’s giving the iPhone some serious competition.  Excellent feature, lots of apps, and you don’t need to be tied to AT&T.  It will be interesting to see what happens when / if Verizon and others start carrying the iPhone.

Well, we aren’t cell phone experts, but we are mount and accessory experts.  So today, we present Droid mounting options.  The HTC Droid Incredible and the Motorola Droid have similar dimensions so most mounts will fit both models.

Most mounts will feature a mini cradle with gripmatic jaws that expand from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.  Many rotate and pivot to bring your phone into landscape mode if desired.  We’re especially excited with a newest addition which integrates the charger with the mount.  It will use your lighter socket as the mounting point for your phone.

What about a Droid on a motorcycle or bike?  We have you covered there too.  The Droid is not waterproof, so remember to take it off your bike if it is raining.  Can’t take it off?  No problem!  Take a look at a water resistant motorcycle mount.

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