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October 23, 2012

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for the Apple iPad Mini Part I

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Apple’s announcement of the new iPad Mini brings a smaller tablet to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire and others in the 7″ diagonal space.  Measuring 7.87 inches x 5.3 inches and only .28 inches deep, this tablet features a larger 7.9″ screen versus the competition.  Ever try to hold the iPad in one hand for a long time?  Not easy to do.  This weighs only 11 ounces and fits nicely in one hand.  The iPad Mini will feature Apple’s new lightening adapter.

This is Part I of a series on mounting what will be a very popular device.  It always takes the manufacturers a few months to make custom cradles, so until then there are some excellent universal cradle mounts which will hold your Apple iPad Mini quite securely.  Some prefer a universal mount as it can be used a few years from now when Apple announces their new Apple iPad Mini 2 – and you know they will!

As always, we present some nice options for consideration.  Look for our follow up with custom mounting solutions when they are available.

Arkon's tablet clamp mount

Arkon’s tablet clamp mount

RAM's X-Grip II Handlebar Mount

RAM’s X-Grip II Handlebar Mount

Bracketron's tablet car headrest mount

Bracketron’s tablet car headrest mount

Arkon TAB-FSM seat bolt mount

Arkon TAB-FSM seat bolt mount

RAM's X-Grip II Suction Cup Mount

RAM’s X-Grip II Suction Cup Mount

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