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March 15, 2011

Mounting your Uniden HomePatrol-1 in the Car

I remember when a scanner meant having a book of frequencies to key in so that you could find the traffic of interest to you.  Things have changed radically with the Uniden HomePatrol-1 Scanner.  Just key in your zip code, select the traffic type you wish to hear and the radio finds the stations by itself.  It’s that easy.  Up and running in minutes.

One thing that Uniden did not realize until after these radios were out for a bit is that people would like to use it in their cars.  Fortunately they listened to their customers and came out with a cradle called a BCKHP-1.  This cradle holds your unit firmly and will attach to many mounts on the market having a standard mounting diamond.

As always we present a few pictures of mounts to consider.

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