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February 12, 2011

Listen to your Sirius or XM Radio on your Motorcycle

Want to listen to Sirius or XM Radio on your bike?  There are two things to take care of.  Where to put it and how to power it.

For power, a universal hardwire is what you need.  These universal adapters have an ending that is a receptacle shaped like your cigar lighter.  It has an end cap that can be closed when not in use and will attach directly to your bike’s battery.  On a scale of difficulty, we rate this project a 7 out of 10.

Motorcycle Hardwire

Motorcycle Hardwire

Mounting is a simple operation.  There are plenty of mounts out there for your handlebar, clutch or a variety of other places.  Most will use the cradle that came with your car kit and will connect just like your suction mount.  This is the easy part and is a 1 on the difficulty scale.

Handlebar Mount

Handlebar Mount

Clutch Mount

Clutch Mount

This overview is applicable to the vast majority of Sirius and XM Radio models including Audiovox Delphi SkyFi SkyFi2 Roady XMP3 Mirge Roady2 Onyx Pioneer Sportster S50 Orbiter Sportster 5 4 3 Starmate 5 4 3 Stratus 6 5 4 radio models.

February 10, 2011

How to Hardwire your Garmin GPS with Traffic on a Motorcycle or Car

Garmin, why did you integrate the traffic receiver into the cable?  This makes replacing or adding a second cable so expensive.  Did you know a new cable with traffic can cost over $100?  It’s true.  Each cable has a traffic subscription tied to it, hence the higher price.  A new non-traffic cable?  That costs $10.

A lot of motorcycle owners like to hardwire their GPS to the bike’s battery.  You can now do that using your existing car traffic charger.  This handy cable will permit you to use your existing car charger with traffic.  The universal receptacle will act just like your lighter and will allow you to power the GPS using your existing traffic cable.  When not in use there is a cap to keep the elements away.

You can read a more complete article on this topic here.


February 9, 2011

A Carrying Case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, Archos 70 or Coby Kyros Tablet

We normally write about mounts on this blog.  We recently purchased a new tablet from Coby called a Kyros.  It’s a lot of fun to use and only costs $145usd.  Surf the internet, read some email, download some apps.  Anyway, it comes with a folio type of case and we wanted something akin to a carrying case.  There aren’t any so off to the labs we went and were able to develop a nice looking flat case that holds the Kyros and some other stuff.  It’s completely lined with felt and weighs around 6 ounces.  It also fits the other 7 inch tablets on the market like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Archos 70.

Carry Case with Samsung Galaxy Tab

Carry Case with Samsung Galaxy Tab

Case with Coby Kryos

Case with Coby Kyros

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