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September 28, 2010

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for iPhones Droids and Smartphones using an Otterbox

We love the Otterbox.  Best cases made.  They are available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and many Smartphones.  These cases deliver the best protection for your device but at the expense of bulk.  They will definitely add weight and size to your device.  it will feel bulky at first but you will quickly get used to it.  One additional benefit is the phone will no longer just slide out of your pocket on its own.  That is because the Otterbox has an exterior made of non slip rubber.  And don’t forget the greatest benefit of all.  Your phone will not break if you drop it.

As we mentioned, the Otterbox provides superior protection as the expense of size.  Most car and motorcycle mounts are custom made to contour to the size of your unprotected bare device.  So what to do if you want to use it in your car or motorcycle?  You will need an expandable cradle.  We like the cradles that expand at the sides at the push of a button.  These cradles paired with suction, vent, lighter and cup holder mounts will grip your device firmly and place it at an excellent location for using your phone as a GPS or MP3 player.

September 24, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Car Mount Options

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The Samsung Tab is an excellent tablet PC that will rival the iPad in terms of functionality at a potentially lower cost of ownership.  The tablet PCs make excellent GPS units.  They also are tremendously useful for watching movies in the car and keeping backseat passengers entertained.  We also find there are some excellent golf apps that run on Android so your Tab might make a terrific golf partner.

There are a lot of choices for mounting your Tab in the car.  We show a few choices.  The mounts for the Tab share the same expandable cradle as the iPad.  Although the pictures may show an iPad, these were the only devices available at time of publishing this blog post.  Dont’ worry though, these mounts will fit your Samsung Tab as well.


September 17, 2010

Using a Garmin Nuvi Mount with an iPhone, Droid or Any Cell Phone

Our readers and customers always give us great ideas for new products.  We were recently asked how to use a car mount used for a GPS in the car.  Why would you want to do this?  A few good reasons.  As we all know, smartphones including the Droid and iPhone have excellent GPS capabilities and can replace traditional GPS units.  You might have an old Garmin mount stuck to your dash and would prefer not to take it off or add another.  In some cases, Garmin made some nice mounts, and you may want to leverage it.

In any case, we figured it out and offer a few excellent options for using your Garmin mount for your new device.  Both solutions include a custom fitting to connect the cradle with the 17mm Nuvi ball mount.

September 15, 2010

Using your iPad on the Golf Course

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There are so many different uses for the Apple iPad.  We recently started to receive inquiries for using the iPad on the golf course.  Makes sense.  There are some great apps like GolfLogix Golf GPS, Golfshot and OhMyGolf that all enhance your game.  These also run on your iPhone, but on the iPad, you can actually see it!

So, the next question is how do I attach it to my golf cart.  The two options we like the best are the golf cart bar mount and the cup holder mount.  The bar mount simply attaches to any round bar.  It includes a custom cradle for your iPad and can be used in landscape and portrait mode.  The cup holder mount sits within your cup holder and also includes a custom cradle.  Both are for using your iPad without a case or skin (it’s a custom cradle molded to the exact size of your iPad).

September 13, 2010

Yet More Options for iPad Car and Motorcycle Mounts

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Busy in our labs developing yet more great places to mount your iPad.  Today we present some brand new options that you should find useful.

First up, for the car. The iPad is a great tool for, well, keeping the kids quiet.  You need a good place to mount it to allow viewing from a child seat or belted in.  Take a look at the two options below:

We recently started to get some questions as to how to mount an iPad on a motorcycle.  The iPad has excellent GPS capabilities.  I remember the old Garmin Streetpilot 7500 for over $1000 with a screen size of a small TV.  Now the iPad is here with a bigger screensize and less than half the price.  Gotta love progress.  For those looking to mount an iPad on your handlebar, here you go!

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