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July 11, 2010

Using EZ Pass M-Tag IPASS or Smart-Tag on a Motorcycle

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Not every state has toll roads, but for those that do, the EZ-Pass, M-Tag, IPASS or Smart-Tag is a huge time saver.  For those unfamiliar with this technology, it’s a small box that allows you to drive through the toll versus sitting in long lines waiting to drop quarters into a bucket or hand dollars to a collector.  The box emits a signal that is picked up as you drive through.

In a car, there are holders that stick to your windshield via small suction cups.  But that isn’t going to work on a motorcycle.  You need something that will attach to your handlebar.  There are a few options on the market, and if you have some spare handlebar space, a good product exists to hep you out.

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