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September 13, 2009

Radar Detector Mounts for Escort, Bel, Uniden and Others

There are so many different brands of radar detector on the market.  Most come with a bracket to clip to your visor or suction attachment for your windshield.  But what if you want to attach it elsewhere or have lost your mount.  It’s difficult to find replacement mounts.  We have even heard of some that trash the radar detector and buy another because they lost their mount.  We also receive a lot of inquiries from people that would like to mount their Escort, Bel, Uniden, Rocky Mountain, Cobra, Whistler or whatever brand out there in some unusual places (and not so unusual).  In today’s posts, we discuss available options.

The most popular mounting option is the windshield suction mount.  There are two types for the window, both work by placing your device on a platform which uses velcro or double sided tape to keep your unit in place.  One uses a rigid base, the other (which we think looks pretty cool) uses a flexible gooseneck.

We have a lot of people that live in the few states that do not permit attachment of anything to the windshield.  For them, a dash mount is the most popular option.  There are two different options.  The first combine an inexpensive smooth round disk that sticks to your dash.  We partner the windshield suction option with this dash disk.  It sticks to the dash disk the same way it would to a windshield and this makes the mount portable.  The second type combines a non-friction heavy base with the suction mount.  No glue, and easy to remove.

Radar Detectors and motorcycles just seem to go well together.  The problem is that most radar detectors aren’t made to attach to bikes.  We carry a mount line for motorcycles that combine a heavyduty metal mount with an equally heavy mounting base.  Made by RAM Mounts, these look great on a Harley, or any model bike that has a standard handlebar or clutch.

Lastly for those traditionalists, we also have standard visor clips for your Escort or Bel Radar Detectors.

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