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September 1, 2009

Where do I put my SkyCaddie?

Playing that par-5 18th hole.  Second shot is 200 yards away over a slope.  Can’t see the flag on the large green.  What now?  Take out your trusty Golf GPS and scope out the distance to the green and exact location of the cup.

The major brands of Golf GPS units include SkyGolf with their SkyCaddie line, Garmin with the Golflogix, iGolf, Bushnell, and Golf Buddy.  The most popular are Skycaddie and Golflogix.  Each has multiple models.  If looking at Skycaddie, they have the SG1, SG2, SG2.5, SG3, SG4 and SG5.  The newest is the SG5 but the older models are great values and can be purchased on ebay for less than $200.

These units have come a long way since the initial black and white models.  The new SkyCaddie SG5 is color, maps out 40 targets per hole, shows the aerial view of each hole.  Heck it even keeps score for you.

A constant complaint of golfers is the belt mount.  It’s tough enough to hit a golf ball.  Having a GPS tethered to your waist makes it even more difficult.  So in we come with a complete mount selection for your Golf GPS.

Most units have a rear button on the back and we use that as the mounting point on most of our holders.  For GPS units without the button, we offer cradle mounts.

Our most popular is the cup holder mount.  Today’s electric carts all have at least two cup holders.  Why not use one for your GPS?

Playing nine-holes on the executive course with a walking cart?  No cup holder in your golf cart?  No problem.  We have walking cart mounts as well.

Lastly we don’t want to forget to tell about the new iPhone application from GolfLogix.  They have come out with an app that works just like one of these $400 GPS units.  The cost?  $40.  Although we haven’t tried it yet, reports are that it hit the top 10 in the iPhone store in less than a week!

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